Yamaha MG16/6FX mixer w/ fx – 8 mono 4 stereo

The MG16/6FX has eight mono microphone or line inputs and four stereo line inputs, for a total of 16 inputs. Two of the stereo line inputs can also be used as mono microphone inputs, so you also have a choice of using up to ten microphones and two stereo line inputs. The microphone-compatible inputs allow input gain adjustment: microphone input over a -60 dB ~ -16 dB range, and line input over a -34 dB ~ +10 dB range.

Versatile Inputs
The mono input channels are equipped with phone jacks and balanced XLR-type connectors. The first two stereo inputs have “L and “R” phone jacks for stereo line input as well as balanced XLR connectors (one per stereo channel pair) that can be used for mono microphone or line input. That’s a total of ten XLR connectors on the MG16/4 and MG16/6FX. The remaining stereo channels have phone and RCA jacks for stereo line input. RCA-jack 2-track inputs are provided in addition to the channel inputs for adding a stereo line source such as a CD player to the mix.

Top-quality Microphone Preamps
Microphone preamplifiers play a vital role in determining the final sound of your mixes. The MG-series mixers feature low-noise, high-performance microphone preamplifiers that will bring out the best in dynamic and condenser type microphones.

Switchable Phantom Power
The MG mixer microphone preamplifiers provide phantom power for studio-quality condenser microphones. Phantom power can be switched on or off for all mic-compatible channels simultaneously.

Insert I/O
Mono input channels feature insert patch points that can be used to insert external signal-processing devices into the channel’s signal path. You might, for example, want to use a compressor only on a vocal channel, or you might want to insert a noise gate on a guitar channel.3-band EQ and High-pass Filters (MG12/4, MG12/4FX, MG16/4)
All input channels include smooth-acting, musical-sounding 3-band equalizers that can be a huge advantage in creating great-sounding mixes. Channels that allow microphone input also have switchable high-pass (low-cut) filters that can help to remove unwanted low-frequency noise from the microphone signal.

Mid-sweep 3-band Mono Channel EQ, 4-band Stereo Channel EQ
The MG16/6FX provides sophisticated EQ facilities: 3-band EQ with 250 Hz ~ 5 kHz sweepable midrange on the mono channels, and 4-band EQ on the stereo channels. Channels that allow microphone input also have switchable high-pass (low-cut) filters that can help to remove unwanted low-frequency noise from the microphone signal.

Multi-bus Configuration with Grouping Capability
In addition to the main stereo bus, the MG16/6FX features two stereo group buses. The group bus assign switches are located next to each channel fader. One way you might use a group bus is to send all drum channels to the group bus rather than the main stereo bus, assign the group bus output to the stereo bus with the TO ST switch located above the group fader, and then control the overall level of the entire drum group in the mix with a single group fader. You can also use the group bus as a separate stereo output with independent fader control.

Send and Stereo Return
The MG16/6FX provides three sends from each channel: pre-fader AUX1, switchable pre- or post-fader AUX2, and post-fader EFFECTS. The MG16/6FX also sends the channel signals simultaneously to the internal effect processor and the effect send jack. Dedicated stereo returns are provided so you can return the output from your signal processing gear without having to use up the mixer’s input channels.

Comprehensive Output Connectors
The mixer’s main stereo program signal is simultaneously delivered to the main stereo outputs (XLR and phone jacks), the C-R outputs (phone jacks) for monitoring, the REC OUT connectors (RCA pin jacks) for connection to a stereo master recorder, the headphones output (stereo phone jack), and the stereo group output (phone jacks) that provide an independent fader-controllable stereo output. That’s plenty of connections for a wide range of applications.

12-segment Level Meters
High-visibility 12-segment levels meters allow precise visual monitoring of stereo levels on the main or group buses, or on the 2-track inputs.

High-performance Digital Effect Processor Built In
The MG16/6FX contains a powerful Yamaha digital signal processing system. The MG16/6FX effect processor provides a selection of 16 superlative reverb and delay effects. Broad effect control is provided through editable effect parameters, on/off switching, and return level control. The MG16/6FX even has a footswitch jack so you can connect an optional footswitch for convenient hands-free effect on/off switching.

7-band Stereo Graphic Equalizer
This handy 7-band stereo graphic equalizer can be used to tailor overall system response as well as to pinpoint and attenuate feedback frequencies. Center frequencies are 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, and 8kHz, with ±12 dB level control.

60-millimeter faders and Illuminated Switches
Smooth, noise-free 60-millimeter faders offer smooth physical and audio operation. The channel ON switches, PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) switches and phantom power switches are original Yamaha illuminated types, so it’s easy to visually check vital console settings.

Compact, Portable Design
These stylish, ultra-portable mixers are easy to carry and take up surprisingly little space, so they can be taken just about anywhere and set up quickly to deliver outstanding sound at rehearsals, clubs, or even outdoors. They are excellent choices for a small mobile live sound system.

Rack-mount Adaptors Included
Although they are ideal for desktop operation as well, the MG16/6FX comes supplied with rack-mount adaptors that allow them to be conveniently mounted in a standard EIA rack.

Intuitive Controls and High Reliability
The design of the faders, rotary controls and switches used on the MG mixers, as well as the way they are laid out, allow easy operation and visual confirmation of settings.


  • Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.1% (THD+N), 20Hz-20kHz @ +14dBu (St OUT)
  • Frequency response: -3, 0, +1dB, 20Hz-20kHz @ +4dBu (St OUT)
  • Hum & Noise: -128dBu (equivalent input noise)
  • Crosstalk: -70dB @ 1kHz
  • Phantom power: +48v
  • Graphic Equaliser: 7-band +/- 12dB
  • Effect: 16 PGMs + parameter controls
  • Dimensions: 108mm H x 322mm W x 416.6mm D
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Power requirements: AC230V, 50Hz
  • Rack mountable