Yamaha Motif Rack MIDI sound module


Yamaha Motif Rack MIDI sound module

The Yamaha Motif Rack is loaded with the same great sounds as the ground-breaking Motif Music Production Synthesizer and updated with expanded polyphony and effects. It is compatible with the original Yamaha Motif 6, Motif 7 and Motif 8 keyboards but is not exactly the same as the later Motif ES series instruments.

The Motif Rack features full 128-note polyphony and, like its keyboard counterpart, 48MB wave ROM. An intuitive user interface provides quick access to all functions and includes a 160 x 64 dot LCD.

The Motif Rack contains 896 normal preset voices (including the General MIDI bank) and 65 preset drum kits; user voices include 256 normal/32 drum kits, plus 128 user multi setups. In addition to the same chorus and reverb as found on the Motif Synthesizer, a significant new feature is the expansion of Insert effects in Multi Timbral mode so that up to four Voices can have their Inserts Effects enabled.

Two expansion slots will accept Yamaha’s PLG Modular Synthesis Plug-in Expansion boards, resulting in new sounds, effects, additional notes of polyphony and new synthesis engines. Connections include a built-in USB MIDI interface and MIDI IN/OUT/THRU connections, Stereo OUT, four individual OUTs and a Digital OUT. A bundled application CD-ROM contains a Voice Editor and Multi-part editor for Windows and Mac platforms.

•Wide range of dynamic and authentic voices — in a 1U rack-mounted tone generator
•A huge total of 896 normal voices and 59 drum kits — including most of the sounds from Yamaha’s top-of-the-line Synthesizer MOTIF — give you whatever sound you need, for any musical style.
• Comprehensive effect processing, including Insertion effects for up to four parts, independent three-band Part Equalizers for each Part and high-quality Reverb effects, provides pro-level sound enhancement for your music creation and performance.
• Easy, wide-ranging sound expansion — Plug-in Boards
• Thanks to the two Modular Synthesis Plug-in System connectors and the optional Plug-in Boards, you can upgrade the MOTIF-RACK with completely new sound-processing engines. These Plug-in Boards give you more voices, more effects, more polyphony and more instrument parts. Plus, special Plug-in voices have already been programmed and stored to the MOTIF-RACK, ready to be played as soon as you install the proper board.
• Simple, intuitive panel layout
• A detailed 160×64 dot graphic display provides comprehensive and easy-to understand control over virtually all operations. Use the PAGE buttons, cursor buttons, and the data dial to quickly and easily edit any of the parameters.
• Large selection of versatile Voice sets for instant setups — Multi Library
• The MOTIF-RACK also features a library of 124 different Multis, each specially programmed with its own effect, equalizer and other settings, and each designed particularly for a specific style of music or application. Since they are categorized according to music type, you can quickly and easily call up the settings you need. They also serve as convenient templates to create new, original Multis – just select a Multi, then tweak it and customize it as needed.
• Four ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT jacks let you output different Parts of the MOTIF-RACK to external devices and processors. Moreover, two digital output jacks (DIGITAL and OPTICAL) ensure completely noise-free, distortion-free sound output.
• Use the USB terminal to easily and directly connect the MOTIF-RACK to your computer. You can also conveniently edit the MOTIF-RACK’s voices from your computer with the Voice Editor software for the MOTIF- RACK (included in the CD-ROM).

Tone Generator: AWM2 (complying with the Modular Synthesis Plug-in System)
Polyphony: 128 notes + the polyphony of the Plug-in Board (if installed)
Wave: 84 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)

Preset: 640 normal voices + 48 drum kits
GM: 128 normal voices + 1 drum kit
User: 256 normal voices + 32 drum kits
(includes 128 Preset normal voices and 22 initialized drum kits)

Plug-in Voice
Preset for the PLG150-AN/DX/PF/DR/PC: 64
Preset for the PLG150-VL: 192
User: 64 for each Plug-in connector

Multi: User 128

Multi Library
Performance: 59
Multi: 65

Reverb: 20 types
Chorus: 44 types
Insertion 1: 107 types
Insertion 2: 107 types
Master Equalizer: 5 bands (High/HighMid/Mid/LowMid/Low)
Part Equalizer: 3 bands (High/Mid/Low)

Preset 1: 128 types
Preset 2: 128 types

Panel Buttons/Controllers
STANDBY/ON switch, VOLUME knob, Data dial, Cursor buttons, EXIT button, PAGE buttons, MUTE/SEL button, Part/Element buttons, BANK
buttons, SHIFT button, CATEGORY button, Mode buttons

Top PLG1, PLG2

Display: 160 x 64 dot graphic backlit LCD
Power Consumption: 17W (maximum; 22W when two plug-in boards are installed)
Optical/Digital Output: 44.1kHz, 24bit
Dimensions: 480(W) x 372.4(D) x 44(H) mm
Weight: 4.1kg