Yamaha MY8-AD24 8xTRS analogue input card for M7CL, LS9

Yamaha MY8-AD24 analogue input Mini YGDAI card


The Yamaha MY8-AD24 Mini YGDAI card for the Yamaha M7CL and LS9 allows the addition of 8 analogue line inputs. This card is especially useful when added to the Yamaha LS9-16 in a theatre space with limited space and budget, as it allows 4 x stereo line level sources to be added without increasing the footprint or encroaching on the 16 mic inputs already available.

Please note that there is no adjustable header-amp on these inputs, but the input level can be switched between +4db and +24db to suit most line-level signals.

8-in analog audio interface
Max input level: +24dBu(default) / +4dBV; GAIN switches at each input port
8x TRS phone jacks (balanced)

Input terminals: Analogue input 1-8
GAIN switch: +24db / +4db
Actual Load impedance: 10kΩ
For Use With nominal 600Ω lines
Input Level:  nominal +10 dB (2.45 V)*: max before clip +24 dB (12.3 V)*
Input Level: Nominal –10 dBV (316 mV)** : max before clip+4 dBV (1.58 V)
Connector: Phone jack (TRS) ** Balanced***

* 0 dB is referenced to 0.775 Vrms.
** 0 dBV is referenced to 1.00 Vrms.
*** Tip=HOT, Ring=COLD, Sleeve=GND
Sampling rate: 30.08 kHz — 50.88 kHz